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The clients make use of services of SCS-TECHNOLOGY also in the field of Process Research, Process Simulation and Process Optimization covering the entire production chain – or parts of it. The tasks range right from Process-Measurement-Technology, Process Modelling Concept, Design and Simulation up to the experimental investigation.
For example, we are applying Process Simulation as a very useful instrument for a model-based representation of the different processes and unit operations in software. Basic prerequisites for the model are operating data, theoretical chemical and physical reaction mechanisms and properties of pure components and mixtures, and of mathematical models which, in combination, allow the calculation of process properties by the software. 


Process Simulation
CFD Simulation
Process Optimization
Decarbonization – Challenge for the energy intensive industry

Process Simulation

The Process Simulation software solves the mass and enthalpy balances for specific operating conditions on specified parameters. The goal of a process simulation is to find optimal conditions for a process and to calculate material and energy demand at varying operation parameters and conditions. For example, this is essentially to solve iteratively optimization problems.
Our Process Simulations are based on models which introduce approximations and assumptions but allow the description of a process over a wide range of temperatures and pressures which might not be covered by available real data. Models also allow interpolation and extrapolation – within certain limits – and enable the search for conditions outside the range of known properties.

In order to get a more detailed understanding of the thermal behaviour of different products under varying conditions, various theoretical calculations and computer simulations have been performed

CFD Simulation

A typical specific simulation application example is the CFD simulation. The CFD-simulation (Computational Fluid Dynamics) is performed using the OpenFOAM (Open Source Field Operation and Manipulation) software. OpenFOAM is a C++ toolbox for the development of customized numerical solvers and pre-/post-processing utilities for the solution of continuum mechanics problems, including computational fluid dynamics (CFD). OpenFOAM supplies solvers that are each designed to solve a specific problem in continuum mechanics.

CFD-simulation for EAF-charging

  • to improve efficiency of primary- & secondary suction system

  • to minimize emissions

  • to enhance environmental operation conditions related to EAF production program


    • On-site investigations applying measurement-technology testing facilities

    • Engineering and CFD Simulation

    • Realizitation
      - Optimizing of suction system (Canopy) and sealing leakage points in steelworks building
      - Replacement of mixing chamber, exhaust gas line system and installing spark catcher in primary exhaust gas line
      - Installing new state of the art filterplant
      - Upgrade automation system
      - etc.

    CFD-simulation for industrial ventilation

    Process Optimization

    SCS-TECHNOLOGY`s experts focus on customer’s needs and satisfaction.
    Statistical process control to minimize product variation and a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle for timely performance improvement is the key for success ……
    SCS-TECHNOLOGY`s engineers analyze customer applications and requirements – current and future – to optimize today’s performance and model next generation technology.
    • Our process knowledge translates customer applications and requirements into raw material, processing and testing Best Practices. This key Know-How ensures that manufacturers would be able to apply state-of-the-art process technology
    • Best Practice procedures and targets minimize process and product variation through extensive use of statistical process control and concurrently consumption figures & conversion costs will be reduced
    SCS-TECHNOLOGY is an independent, flexible and professional company with experts along the entire process route of several industrial sectors like Steel making and Steel processing, Graphite Electrode Production, etc.
    SCS-TECHNOLOGY`s experts performed more than 100 consulting projects in the Steel industry over the last decades.

    Decarbonization - Challenge for the energy intensive industry

    Steel manufacturers as well as the entire energy-intensive industry are increasingly facing a decarbonization challenge. This challenge is driven by following main developments
    • Changing customer requirements and growing demand for low-carbon steel products (e.g. auto industry wants to eliminate carbon emissions completely from their value chains (including their suppliers) and taking on a full life cycle perspective
    • Further tightening of carbon emission regulations. This is manifested in carbon dioxide reduction targets, as well as rising carbon dioxide emission prices as outlined in the European Green Deal.
    • Growing investor and public interest in sustainability (e.g. institutional investors and global investment firms confirming commitment to environmentally responsible business development and sustainable investing)
    SCS-TECHNOLOGY is able to support you to evaluate, and decide on a technologically and economically viable way to decrease your carbon footprint (e.g. in the steel industry: BF/BOF efficiency programs, Renewable Reducing Agents, Carbon Capture & Usage, Optimization of DRI & EAF, ……)